Our Dog Charity Program

PAWSONALITY focuses on the dog-owning community. Not only does every PAWSONALITY Report help dog owners directly, but it also helps the wider canine community by putting money back into that community.  A percentage of every PAWSONALITY sale goes to a dog charity.


Charities and Community Groups also benefit from our Affiliate Program.  Dog charities worldwide benefit from PAWSONALITY because we give a percentage of our revenue to charities nominated by you.  Community Groups and other non-profit organisatons can earn substantial sums to fund their objectives and activities by working with PAWSONALITY.


We have selected a small group of charities whose activities and support for the dog community are recognised all over the world.

We are pledged to support those charities and to help them achieve their objectives to make dogs' lives better.

Whether this is to re-home dogs that owners can no longer look after or educate all of us to become better dog owners, Pawsonality is there to help.

The Dogs Trust

...our featured charity


Communities too benefit from Pawsonality as we encourage all non-profit organisations to use PAWSONALITY as a fund-raiser for their activities through our unique Affiliate Program.

PAWSONALITY understands the need to work closely within the dog-owning community. Dogs play an important role in our lives and we owe it to them to build a better understanding of their needs.

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All our profits are donated to charity

Affiliate Program

Our unique Affiliate Program enables community groups and not-for-profit organisations to use Pawsonality to raise funds for their activities.

Visit our Affiliate pages to learn more about how Pawsonality can help your community.

Our affiliate application form takes only a few seconds to complete. Pawsonality could be earning funds for your community right now.

...a happier dog, a happier you

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